Spanking machine, the caller that changed things for me.

This is the gent that sparked things off for me.

Two yrs ago when I first started working on phone lines I didn’t know what to expect. My first few calls were guys asking if I had big tits,then having a wank, then putting the phone down. Two minutes wankers I now call them hehe

On night (when I did evenings) a gent called me. He was from London, extremely eloquent and charming. He liked how I looked and thought my no nonsense attitude was great.

He told me about his life and then his fuck buddy. He explained that he liked to be dominant with her. Controlling and spanking her etc. He also disclosed he saw a mistress wkly for a good spanking.

But! here’s the eye opener. He had recently bought a spanking machine. A what! I thought…..



He wanted me to choose the settings ie how many times (1-12) and how hard to spank his bottom, the settings ranged from soft, medium to hard. At first I was a bit unnerved as I couldn’t see him. But I went with it.

After a while. He started asking questions about me and my situation. But one question stood out! He asked me if I had any debt. Yes I said, why?  If you could pay it off tonight would you? He responded. It wasn’t a small amount. So I laughed nervously and said how? He said he would pay my debt off if I met him and spanked him for real. I panicked and said no Thank-you. I said this more of out my attitude of I don’t need anyone to pay my debt! I can do it myself. (It didn’t occur to me it could be a business transaction until months later.) I was really shocked. An indecent proposal! Hehe

But over the yrs he’s called me on a regular basis. We’ve built a way of doing things. On occasion I have seen him on camera. This man made me realise I could actually make money out of providing a service to men. I could be in control. Make the kind of money I had been previously used to, whilst getting more involved in the more kink side of my calls and cams. Which I had discovered I liked more than I thought I would. I have learned a lot about myself in the past few yrs.

He never asked again to pay my debt off and I’d never offer. But without realising he made my life so much better!

18 thoughts on “Spanking machine, the caller that changed things for me.

  1. Was there a reason you declined the offer? Shock? Scared he was a psycho? Worried what the service may entail? Too up close and personal?
    Surely you’re just paying off your debts by doing the phones, it would just be a way to shortcut the process…

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    1. I was shocked someone would offer to pay me for it.and a little bit scared around safety issues…Iv looked after myself since I was 17. I saw it as my responsibility to sort my debt. Which Is now sorted. I make most of my money on cams where I charge what I want. Men pay it. I earn more than I did in a professional job now and work a quarter of the time. I don’t do the phone through an agency either. So I earn more than girls who do.

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      1. Haha, fair enough.
        Lucky for you that men get horny by simply breathing…
        Whilst it’s a pity for me that women generally need some stimulation to get going.. I’m sure I have hidden talents in your line of work!

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      2. Lol.. video conferencing. That just sounds like way too much work! Hope you are well compensated compared to teleconferencing…
        Would you say your work boarderlines therapy and counseling?

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      3. Lol its easy I mainly do it with sissys and men with fetish where I’m in control. In a previous role I worked in mental health and can do hypnotherapy. So I have the skills to listen. That’s why I’m successful on the phone. Which leads to camera work. So yes in a way it’s kind of counselling and therapy especially for those who have noone to talk to or express feelings/desires. I had and hour call the other day where I basically counselled someone around his first male experience….those things happen a lot

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      4. Hypnotherapy and paid phone sex!
        That’s bloody perfect!
        ‘you’re eyes are getting heavier and heavier…’ 1hour and $1000 later…. ‘and you’ll wake up feeling like you just came like a bull, in three, two, one’
        Seriously though, glad to know you’re a trained professional, and not getting dudes to try self-fellatio … Hang on.. you don’t, do you?

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      5. Lol
        Hypnotherapy works for those who like mind control. Completely at my will! I do guided meditation too….but hilariously I do speak to one guy who can suck the tip of his own cock!


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