Are you shitting me!

Sat in the beautiful British countryside a caller was in-between meetings. So to kill some time he decided to call me.

At first I thought this guy likes the outdoors, freedom and possibly the fear of getting caught. (That was almost correct of me to assume.)

We did the usual pleasantries, how are you?  What’s your name etc. Until he declared he had a very specific fetish.

Ok what is it? What really does it for you? I said. He declared he had something that niggles him about once a month. It requires a dominant lady to make it work….

Well you’ve come to the right lady!

So what is it?

He went on to tell me he likes to take a shit at a woman’s request, and wank and the same time. He also likes to shit in his pants so it smells. Just to make people smell it. Ok, that’s fine I said.

Get out of the car I told him. Describe where you are. He said he was in a lay-by close to a field.


I ordered him to get into the field and take his pants off. Which he did, like a good boy. I then told him to squat down and stick his fingers up his arse. He could feel his shit. Fuck that turns me on he says. Take them out now! I want you to suck them you fucking bitch. Taste your own shit and savour it! (he loved that) I could hear him licking and sucking his fingers. Do you need a shit? I said. I’m desperate he said. Well you will have to wait, now wank your cock you bitch!  he was so excited, traffic was going by on the road, anyone could see him! He was exposed. I told him he had to take a shit after a few mins wanking. He really pushed it out on demanded. I made him wait a few seconds before finishing him wank to cum. He was covered in cum and had a shitty arse. I informed him he was not allowed to clean himself. He had to return to work dirty. He said yes Miss. I also told him I expected a return call to update me on people reaction to his smell. I then put the phone down!

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