7 thoughts on “Wine

      1. Lost Angel and Juan Gil are reds that I can handle. If the tannins are too high, I get a painful headache down the back of my neck.

        I like non-peaty scotches and have one favorite bourbon, Blanton’s. Otherwise, my wife makes liqueurs and I practice mixing drinks: I’m very good at the Sazerac.

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      2. I have an iron condition which means I shouldn’t drink, but the tannins help. That’s pretty cool of your wife. I once nearly moved to France, the house had a distillery which was used to make brandy….should have done it! But I’d have ended up sitting at hone drinking and eating cheese so maybe I did the right thing in the end lol

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      3. Agreed. I love international travel, it’s my favorite thing, but it’s less stable every week. Thanks in no small part to the Dumpster Fire the worst fourth of our nation elected.

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