In front of the mirror. Freaking me out!

Isn’t it funny how the tone and delivery of someone’s voice and either calm, sooth, turn you on…..or freak you out! Arghhh

Iv spoken to a new guy twice. The first time I remember thinking this guy talks like the speaking clock! And it’s a bit unnerving.

When he rang back today all I kept thinking was, I wonder if he’s a doctor or something. The reason I say that is because he spoke very clearly, very well spoken. His vocabulary wasn’t that which I am used to from callers. The terms he used for genitalia and sex acts were very clinical. This incorporating his monotonous tone which almost ticked with the pronunciation of words….absolutely freaked me out!

It doesn’t happen often.

He wanted me to stand in front of a full length mirror naked. Then describe myself in detail, including my breasts and my pussy. He then asked me to turn around, bend over and describe the view. Which I did. My arse and pussy were on  display. I have very long legs. Quite a big but muscular bottom. I am very pale so my pink pussy that has a landing strip was very visible, along with my long protruding lips.


When he spoke to me it was as if it was real to him. He kept telling me that if I wanted I could have him and if I did I’d never leave him! He spoke as if I had agreed to meet him or something….but as I always do I took control of the conversation and averted his advances.

I get a lot of unwanted advances. Normally I blow them off and forget about it. But just every now and then for some reason I just don’t like the feeling I get from someone!!

2 thoughts on “In front of the mirror. Freaking me out!

  1. After enough of these encounters, you’ve probably honed some really good instincts. A lot of experience with a lot of different people has given you a broad database of behavior and character types, and from that you received a quiet little warning. It’s good that you trust your intuition: so many people laugh it off or doubt themselves.

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