What is it with MILFs?

I never really give much away to clients about myself personally. I tell them only what I need to. I also tell them what they want to hear. For instance if someone asks when I last got fucked. I say Saturday. I always say I’m single but have a fuck buddy…this allows me to be accessible for those who want it. And for those who like to hear about my sex life it covers that base too. Every thing else I tailor to the caller from a flexible identity and life character.

In the UK schools close every 6 wks or so for a wk or two. Apart from the summer when it’s 6 wks. In those periods I don’t work at all. When I disappear my callers normally guess it’s because I have a kid(s). But I’d never tell them.

Today I spoke to a chap who is a regular. He rings a couple of time a day on the days he calls. As I wasn’t around last wk, he questioned why? I didn’t tell him. But he realised it was half term….Then all of a sudden I was a MILF! Which  excited him a Lot!

What is it with MILFs?

Well my take on it is to do with experience, confidence and being well-practiced when it comes to sex, which if you ask me that’s what most men desire. It’s nothing to do with the fact they have kids (they aren’t likely to bare more as they are past their fertility peak) or remind them of their own mothers. (bit Freud I know). I also think that as women get older they demand satisfaction as a two-way Street. That mutual fulfilment is very attractive to men I feel.

In terms of how mothers  have been portrayed in films ie stiflers mum. She was a sassy lady. Her sons friends were besotted with her. It’s those younger guys who I feel coined the term MILF. I feel she was portrayed as an overly sexy confident lady who has stuck in the psyche of male society. After her the porn industry went into overdrive! And the term MILF was born!

So now I am a MILF!  Which does make me laugh. But at the same time, if that is what floats your boat fine, I will be a MILF all day long!


2 thoughts on “What is it with MILFs?

  1. I’m not sure what it is with MILFs or “cougars,” except that they’re just the latest episodes of mythologizing feminine appeal, the latest convolution of men projecting their desires upon women. I don’t think it’s taboo, exactly, more like the fantasy of a powerful, established woman who has this simmering cauldron of sexuality she’s had to keep restrained for whatever reason. But then some swinging dick can come along and entice her to expose it, and then she chooses him as the recipient for all her bottled-up libido.

    Or maybe it’s a trend of fetishizing matronly figures, being attracted to a more domestic form of power. Or even regressing to a childish state and reliving those fantasies, slightly modified. Those are my guesses.

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