International women’s day…Am I oppressed by men?

NO! I am not oppressed. It’s choice, I’m in control. And I am very happy thanks.

You could walk into a highly paid job tomorrow, so why degrade yourself doing what you do now? don’t you feel like you’ve lost your dignity? you’re letting men take advantage of you? Are you creating a bad role model for other girls/women

These are questions  I have been asked recently,but not for the first time. The question of dignity was the most recently asked, more out of curiosity and misunderstanding than someone being rude or mean.

So to answer it firstly you must know about me.

I did have a professional job where I did earn maybe 4 times what that average wage does in the UK. So the point was a valid one. But the political landscape changed my feeling towards what and how I did my job.

When I found myself not only a single parent but an alone parent. I knew that If my child was only going to have one parent I would be the best I can. Now, I could have stayed in my job. But I would have never seen my child. He would be the first into a private nursery every day and the last out at night. On the weekends Id be catching up with household stuff etc. I had no work life balance, brought work home and was stressed all the time.


Now my life is so different.  I have the lines where I built up a client group. I am able to cam with who I chose to. I have a job I find very easy. Its fun and I enjoy what I do. Its kind of tailor-made for my personality. I have no stress, I work  a quarter of the time I used to. Earn the same or more than I used to. I am my own boss…..Ok I might be seen in various stages of undress. But we are all adults! I’m not shy about my body. In terms of dignity I guess that depends on how subjective that is to you…..

BUT on international women’s day when equality and working conditions are the focus. I can say I love my work. I am celebrating being a woman in control! I am not being taken advantage of by men. If anything it’s the other way around!

3 thoughts on “International women’s day…Am I oppressed by men?

  1. I think I get what you’re saying: you don’t feel oppressed by your chosen profession.

    The larger truth is that there is a persistent systemic misogyny that oppresses women at all levels, an insidious mindset that infects our perspective and expectations, but your point is that no one forced you into this job and you love what you do. And that’s awesome.


    1. Its like people think I have no choice and I’m being taken advantage couldn’t be more different. I get that women around the world are oppressed. But the assumption is that women who work in the “sex” industry have a man controlling. Which I know does happen. But isn’t always the case….my experience is positive

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