Choking on my own panties.

I have no gag reflex which doesn’t bode well for a guy who wants me to choke on tights and panties! But nether the less I can act or be whatever he wants.

Dirty smelly panties! Guys love them…today I found myself looking through my own laundry basket at the request of a caller. The call got a bit odd but as always I went with it.

In my baskets I had three pairs of dirty panties a pink pair, red and also black. The caller wanted to know the price and where I’d bought each one. The red were the most expensive and bought from a lingerie shop, where I had to go in and browse. Touching and trying lots of different panties and bra’s. The process of choosing interested the caller a lot.

He then wanted me to describe them in detail including any stains on them. This was very exciting for him. He then asked me to put them in my mouth. he wanted me to force myself to gag on them. At the same time telling him how much I loved it. I could hear him wanking his cock, getting excited. He asked me to then stop. Go into your bedroom he said. Open your lingerie draw and get some clean tights out.

The same process of price and where I bought the from applied. He asked me to lay on the bed and put them in my mouth. I don’t like the texture of tights I told him, he loved hearing that. He loved knowing  didn’t like it, he was in control. He asked if I was tied up the tights in my mouth I didn’t like, what would i do? I told him id be at his mercy and id have no control.

He wanted to know if I had any friends I could tie down, control and panty gag. I informed him of two ladies. He loved listening to me say how I’d put my used panties in their mouths whilst being tied up with my tights.

The wanking and breathing got faster than the receiver went down… and job done!

Men buy into me, they feel and respond to what I say and do on the phone (cams are different) little do they know most of the time I never leave my lounge, I wasn’t upstairs today, the panties weren’t real. I wasn’t on my bed. But I do act the fantasy out, well. I do tell them exactly what they want to hear and they believe me.

It gives me a strange satisfaction to know that I have delivered a good service.




5 thoughts on “Choking on my own panties.

  1. That’s hilarious! Yes, you can create worlds in the mind of the caller, all while lounging in the living room with the TV playing quietly. And that’s what they want, to believe in the scene you’re creating. You’re the latest step in a long tradition of storytellers, truly.

    On an unrelated note, when a guy has a fetish like that, I really wonder if he ever stops to question himself.

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      1. Maybe I should call a couple women in your line of work, posing as a man who can only get off by discussing third-wave feminism, demanding critical scrutiny in place of being insulted. “Ooh yeah, that’s good… but if Simone de Beauvoir said every woman has a right to express herself sexually… unf… how do we reconcile this with Judith Butler’s assertion… mmm… that women have a responsibility to how they present in the puh-puh-public consciousness?”


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