Update on disobedience (part 2)

So the human toilet got back to me very quickly!

I told him to make it worth while me going online in the evening and at wk ends just for him. So this is his offer.

  1. I can order hourly blocks of time, when it suits me, as many as I want.
  2. He will pay me beforehand, If I get bored or he’s not pleasing me I can end the call and keep payment (like I wouldn’t anyway!)
  3. I can have a monthly income if I please let him have more camera time.
  4. If I let him be my slave on camera he’d marry and worship me for ever! (get in line slut!)
  5. Everything is paid up front so I don’t lose out ever again, he’s so sorry and It will never happen again, please speak to me again?


I can be a hard faced bitch. I have always been like that. Or maybe I should say a stubborn don’t piss me off type of chic! I dont like to be seen as weak! And i cant stand weak ass people. BUT I think I will give him a chance. I will arrange for him to call me one evening this week. So he can beg me down the phone for camera time!

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