Should I become a cyborg/sex toy?

If you have read any of my posts you will probably know I have been thinking quite a bit about robots sex dolls…..never thought I would say that ten yrs ago!

As I progress into more online work ie cam chats. I am left wondering should I think about making the experience more involved for clients.

I mainly work with men who like me to be dominant with them. They seem pretty happy with me shouting out orders to my little bitches (For those I do that with.) For those I don’t ie the ones that want to wank over my breasts etc. They seem pretty happy too.

BUT with all the press and talk around robot sex dolls. Plus my question around If I will be replaced? I was thinking, is there a way I can beat robots at their own game?  Could I become a cyborg? the answer is yes!

Slightly weird thinking I know. BUT! I have men who like me to control how they look, their behavior and wanking. When they wank, when they cum, when they play with their arse etc. I was thinking how good would it be If I could actually take control of it. If I could make them wait in excitement of me actually stimulating them. Get them to do tasks with actual reward for completion?

Iv found the answer! WIFI sex toys. Obviously it would depend on if I can get the clients to buy one and on them having a smart phone for an app. But I am assuming they would,  if they are skyping me they are prob tech savvy to start with


The benefits of these toys is they are long-range, so it doesn’t matter where you are. They come in all the usual basic ranges Ie butt plus, vibrators etc so there is something for everyone! they are easily controlled from a phone. or device that is connected to the internet. So over the next few wks I am going to conduct a little survey…Put the feelers out! see if the would be a demand for it…..I shall let you know if I am going to assimilate with the robot/tech sex world!

6 thoughts on “Should I become a cyborg/sex toy?

  1. Interesting concept, however even though everyone talks of fucking and cumming and what not, in fact all people really want is some affection and human affection. Partly the reason why shagging a prostitute is hollow and empty for many guys, besides the simple physical release. If you can transfer that emotion and physical connection to others, you’ll probably be onto a winner…

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      1. I am hoping so! I think they would add another dimension to what i do, but the nice part is it would still be me….. the reason clients get involved is to do, my personality, thinking and nature….a bloody robot cant do that! hehe…..well not yet anyway!

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  2. You know I don’t believe you can be replaced. While a physical, motionless body can be replicated, AI isn’t up to the state where it can imitate a conversation between two people, much less manifest an individual personality. You offer something robots can’t, and if someone goes for a robot, they probably weren’t going to be your customer anyway.

    OTOH, Wi-Fi devices could bring an exciting new aspect to your relationships. There would be a special thrill when the user realizes the device is reacting because you’re controlling it. That could introduce a new level of connection.

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