via Daily Prompt: Desire

My whole working day is about desire. Desire to be wanted, desire to be had! Desire to experience something new sexually. Desire to fulfill a need that is kept hidden. Desire to be ones self, in a world where one might be unable to normally. Those desires are not mine. They are the desires of the men that call and cam me. The desires they want me to indulge, their fantasy’s being realized without judgement or question. To be open with who they are sexually. Often I am the only other person who knows those fantasy’s. I am their desired escapism.  I am some ways that is great for me and a compliment. In others I feel sad for them being only able to engage with the dreams in an unreal realm online or over the phone.


My desire (in the work situation) is a lot more practical. It revolves around me to making money  and to have a bit of fun doing it. Not to have to work full-time, but to be in control of how and when I work. It works for me and I’m happy doing it.

Desire is such a strong word. It evokes people’s soul. On a deep level. It’s a driven word. Selfish and sexual I think (well in the context of what I do it is) It can mean people losing themselves or becoming focused. It’s so subjective and emotional. In the right way desire can push for good, be positive and beautiful. But it has a bad side where it can cause destruction, harm and greed. Trust me I have heard enough stories over the past two yrs to say that!

6 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Wow, I think this could be the most appropriate writing prompt for you! “Desire” is your commodity, your stock-in-trade. I’ve also been following the prompts and waiting for a good one…

    It’s interesting that most people put so much energy and effort into pursuing their desires, but you’ve turned around and made a business of receiving and entertaining those desires. Why not? With so many buyers in this market, a seller can only stand to profit, and if what one has to offer can satisfy the desires of others… why not, indeed.

    You’re right, it’s a little sad when one’s strongest desire is simply to be true to oneself. What a comment on society.

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    1. I now right! it was meant for me.
      I have done the lines for a few yrs. I never expected people would desire to read about it to! hehe…..I feel like a counsellor some times, i feel sorry for these repressed men

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      1. That’s what makes your stories so interesting: you have great insight into a realm most people can only skirt the outside of, or regard warily from a distance. Not only are you working in it as part of your everyday life, you have seen honest aspects to people they’re otherwise too ashamed to share with anyone, even those closest to them. I think it won’t be long before you publish a respectful coffee table book or perhaps take the stage of the spoken-word narration circuit… and there is definitely an audience waiting for this, as hungrily as the people who call you.

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