Cum in my mother in-laws tights

I speak to so many men that love tights and stockings. There are a few types that I have identified as lovers of this item of ladies underwear.




There are those that like wearing them (It makes them feel sexy, they are normally more sub) those that like them on ladies (normally more take control kind of guys) and then there are those who are attracted by the touch feel and colour of them (more switch types) No matter what though, they are all always extremely turned on by them. I would also say around 50% of them have an attraction to feet as well.

I get the fascination with stockings as I used to have an online shop selling lingerie. I like wearing it too. I love wearing stockings, and yes they do make me feel sexy. I also like it when I am in control, where I am able to make a manly man so to speak wear stocking and tights. So all in all I get why men find them sexy!

I spoke to a chap a few days ago who also liked tights and stockings. He was 33 and had been in a relationship for a few yrs. He proclaimed to me his attraction to tights. Then he informed me that he had a pair wrapped around his cock. He said he liked the glide over his cock. When he cum in them or on someone wearing them (particularly black sheer ones)he loved the glisten in the light.

But! the thing that turned him on the most was that they were his girlfriends “hot” mothers. He told me he really fancied her. That he thought about her a lot. He knew she flirted with him. He knew she felt like she had a power over him. She is single and liked younger men (ahh the cougar.) The younger men was a bone of contention with her daughter. But clearly the caller was titillated by that.

The caller said that his plan was to cum in the tights and then put them back where he got them. Which was in the laundry basket. It was unlikely the mother-in law would see, but there was a small chance. If she didn’t notice cum in her tights. It would be his little secret! But if she did he might have some explaining to do…..The fear of getting caught made it interesting!

It’s not unusual for me to get the type of calls where the mother in law becomes a sexual desire.I also feel that the tights are an easy way of gaining access to her without actually “cheating”. Porn has a lot to answer for regarding that the mother in law fantasy . I often get asked to do role play regarding specific mother in-laws.

Playing with fire if you ask me……But who am I to talk, I love a bit of heat! hehe

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