I am not going on a date or to fuck you!

Doing what I do for a living has its perks. I get to flirt and have a bit of fun. Quiet often the caller is what I would consider attractive man (well those I see on cam that is) I try to be as open-minded and accommodating as possible. I am not here to judge or have an opinion. I am here to fulfill an urge of sexual desire whilst engaging in a fantasy world. Within that fantasy world I am a mere appendage, not the star of the show so to speak. This caller is. If we move on to cams that doesn’t change.



In terms of moving to cams, I tend to really only do it with people I have chatted to for a while where I have built an understanding with them. I want them to come back again and again, so I don’t have to keep learning about people. I want to know about them so I can have longer calls (for me) and more effective and attentive calls (for the caller). I try to make them think I care and I am interested in them. To some extent I am. But for my own selfish needs. I can be very charming, I find out about their personal lives, relationships, work etc. But that is all for me, not them. People often think I am quiet posh and clever (I know I am not a great writer, bloody dyslexia!) But I can talk about most things on any level. I am like a social chameleon.

The problem with me being like that is that men buy into me! they think its real. They feel like we have a connection, whereby they think about me outside of the calls. When they are at work. When they are wanking or even fucking their wives (not that all are married) I often get asked for my personal details, dates etc. I have to be so diplomatic about saying no. Even if it means leading some guys on with the hope being i may on day agree (when I know full well I will never meet them). Leave them begging for more so to speak.

I often get the same similar reasons as to why they want me,  they are as follows:

  1. Their wife or girlfriends sex life/drive isn’t want they want.
  2. You’re my dream girl
  3. I can’t believe how much we get along, I am so shocked to find a girl like you on a sex line (a girl like me? what the fuck does that mean?)
  4. I can be myself with you, and I know you feel the same (er no I don’t) but its easy for me to let you think that.
  5. I like the trill of cheating, I bet you do to?


Life as a sex line girl is fun. I enjoy it. It is definitely a confidence boost to have the above happening. But In the real world it is all a bit of fun….But luckily for me it pays my bills, helps me work part-time, which enables me to be a good mum etc So If that means I have to lead a guy on to be able to live that life, so be it.


2 thoughts on “I am not going on a date or to fuck you!

  1. Probably these guys crave what your talking about, posts, be it dominance/feminization /submission can’t find a partner, wife etc to give it to them and project onto you, think you will somehow fulfill this for them. My Mistress allows me to comment, follow sites of femdom/sissification even have tumblr blog for us because she thinks I can teach, and especially learn from other dominant women with subs. Can’t tell you how many Femdom sites I was required to read when we started, rules, etc. I do like your site tho. However won’t have to worry about me , I have a Mistress and getting married to her in July 😊

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    1. I think they also confuse reality and fantasy. They done seem to get I’m telling them what they want to hear. I’m glad you like my site. I was a bit nervous of writing it. It’s nice to hear you’re getting married congratulations you’ve found someone who fits you and all your kink. As you previously said not all sissy subs get that x

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