You puny little man! I will crush you like a bug!

I love speaking to this guy. Think I get power pissed!

I speak to a lovely guy maybe fortnightly. He normally sends me a message the day before. So i can get what I need for him. He’s naturally a small guy, slim build and 5.6. He comes across really well-mannered, intelligent if a bit timid. Or maybe its just hes soft-spoken voice, that gives me the impression he would be a walk over……literally!


He loves that I am 6.3 in heels. Macrophilia,  a fetish around being attracted giants is his thing. So me being tall and curvy helps with that. I talk to him on the phone sometimes, but mainly he wants to see me do a number of tasks for him. Hence why I have to get some things in place.

My list of things needed

  1. A remote control, to shrink him down to size. Puny little man!
  2. Heels, to stamp on him with.
  3. Empty coke can, to crush, therefore showing my strength and what I can do to him.
  4. Weighting scales, so he can see how much I could crush him if I sat on his chest.
  5. Small men toys, this shows how much of a giant I am.

I often shrink him down to size, then use the toys as a representation of him. I put him in my cleavage, mouth and sometimes my panties. I stand him on the floor in front of me while I show him how strong I am, crushing the cans and flexing my size. The scales are used to show my ability to crush him if I sat on him. I always wear heels for the purpose of teasing and stamping on him. For example I lean on my heel so that my toes are in the air. I then tell him I am going to squash him like a bug, but if he begs well enough and praises my superior size, I may keep him as a pet……And like a good pet he does!

I have never seen him wank his cock. Although I do tell him “its to small to satisfy me so don’t bother getting it out you puny little man.” He probably has a good wank afterwards! hehe





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