Yes I will be replaced! but will a dom like the “perfect submissive” sexdoll?

My friend sent me this article today, it goes back to my previous blog about me being replaced by sex dolls. He found it funny considering I raised this a few days ago.

The first brothel in Europe (apparently) that will be completely serviced by sex dolls will be opened in Barcelona and will be run by Lumidolls. There will be four dolls to choose from. This is an example of one.



Made from thermoplastic elastomer, the realistic dolls have three orifices and can be moved into different sexual positions. They are sold as being the “perfect submissive.”

My issue with the “perfect submissive” is surely they can’t elicit the response of and actual human? Or evoke those feelings of control in a dom?  As a person who likes to be in control, part of the enjoyment for me is the response I get back from being in control. When I spank someone and cause them to have a red bottom, I like to see how that affects them. I like to see bodily changes in a person. I also like to see how they get turned on by giving me that control. If I tell someone to do something I like watching them do it. Also if there is an element of resistance I like breaking that, its part of the fun!

Surely they are nothing more than an expensive sex toy? I know before anyone says it that sex toys have their uses. But a fleshlight or butt plug is way cheaper and more convenient. Why would you go to a place for fake sex? I don’t get it. Although what I do is not “real” in the sense that I am not in the same place physically but. They can see and hear me, I can have a connection with my clients. They can engage with me on a human level. But as our lives become ever more busy and hectic. Giving little time for actual relationships, or human contact. We have begun to live in a virtual unreal world. Will we as humans develop some sort or relationship and normality with sex dolls?

I personally feel that in the future there my be a place for sexdolls in a service sense, but I think we are not there yet. So these brothel seems to be a bit premature to me. But watch this space!



10 thoughts on “Yes I will be replaced! but will a dom like the “perfect submissive” sexdoll?

  1. If I were forced to guess, I’d say that society has evolved to permit people to emerge within it who are more than intimidated by contact and interaction with other people. Either they find the whole “getting to know you” thing tedious and annoying, or they’re deeply unnerved by (implied) expectations. Maybe their self-esteem is so bottomed-out and charred, yet they still crave some form of physical contact, their body still yearns to feel another body.

    I see a brothel of sex dolls as simultaneously inevitable and depressing.


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