How should I punish disobedience ?

I received a message this morning from my toilet slave. I am not very happy to say the least! The rules are he is to contact me at set times and for a set amount of time. Within this time I normally do a guided visualization around being in a room, trying different types of shit. textures, smells etc.

He hasn’t been in contact for a round two weeks. No contact at all, not even a message. I did know he was starting a new job. But that is no excuse for rudeness. It’s just plain bad manners not to inform me that he isn’t able to make my timetable. If he had come to me and explained there is a problem. I would have been more willing to negotiate a new timetable. BUT! he fucking didn’t! I do not do this job for the good of my health! I do it mainly for a living…..Of which by him not engaging in what I say I have personally lost out!

And now this little bitch wants to message me this morning asking to talk to me again! The fucking nerve!!! Wasting my time and money, and now you want to come back without even a sorry!


Well my friend. For that to happen you need to make it up to me! I want all the money Iv missed out on (ps the bitch likes being financially abused) I want the more phone time going forward (just so i can waste your time like you wasted mine) I also want more cam time so I can see you doing tasks for me. You can show me how much you want to say you’re sorry! I’m going to send you a shit in the post. I want to see you eat it you fucking dirty bastard! I might make you lick it out of an ice cream cone or spread on toast! Then I’m going to charge you for the pleasure you fucking cock!

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