Burka cross dresser

I am a bit nervous of writing this and I will try to be as sensitive as possible. I will be pretty matter of fact.

I had a very interesting call recently from a Muslim guy who cross dressed. Now in general I wouldn’t bat an eye lid at a cross dresser. But this guy was in a full burka and a practicing Muslim. The reason I am trying to be sensitive is I am very aware of cultural tensions etc. I have thought about whether to write this or not. But It was a call I received. And I did find it interesting to understand where he was coming from so I decided to write it. I will keep it brief.

Social stereotypes lead us in general to believe that there is a strict code around sex and sexuality within the Muslim community.  So it was nice for me to meet someone who bucked that idea.

The gent explained that he found the burka very sexy, he linked it to his wife, as when they have sex she wears it. This is why he found it a sexual piece of clothing. I immediately likened it to stockings and suspenders. In the way that they are worn for sex, so men find them attractive. He completely agreed with that. He told me he just wanted to discuss it with someone who wouldn’t judge him (I am like a counselor sometimes hehe) He thought he might be a bit “odd”.  I explained that it wasn’t that odd really, that talk to lots of cross dressers. Just he’s the first I have met in a burka.I explained that it isn’t odd, in fact its more “normal” than he would think. I asked whether it was just his wife’s clothing her wears. He told me he found his sister-in-law attractive and liked her sari. He had tried it on. He said he felt sexy in it and close to her but he knew he wouldn’t get to fuck her so wanked in it instead.

He said he felt a release from his manly self to being more feminine. I asked if anyone knew about him dressing. He told me that he didn’t dare tell anyone, for fear of being ridiculed. Although! he had been brave enough to go out in a burka once. Which he loved apparently.

All of the above just made me think that it doesn’t matter where you grow up, if you have faith or not. Or what color your skin is. Sex and turn ons are universal!





7 thoughts on “Burka cross dresser

  1. What a unique story! And such an interesting twist, too. Many Westerners regard the burka as a form of control or domination, to repress women, without having bothered to listen to the perspective of women in cultures that wear one. But then to turn around and fetishize the garment itself… there’s almost a poetry to that.

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    1. he was such a lovely guy to chat to, he clearly loved his wife to, which was nice to hear considering it was a arranged marriage. We in the west think that arranged marriages prob dont work. just shows they do, and kink is everywhere! hehe

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  2. Further to my comment on your Shemale post
    Among the Trans prostitutes that hang out in my neighborhood is at least one that dresses in a Burka or something similar. Arab tourism is also very popular here I must add.


    1. sorry I deleted the above comment by accident. but I wonder If the reason there are so many trans ladies is because of issues around homosexuality? and poss “being pure” I get the feeling that people having anal sex as a way of staying pure? in terms of cross dressing burkas, actually im not surprised there are more. I felt with the guy I spoke to it was more to do with clothes that were available it him that he had sexualized


      1. There are several issues and you are on the right lines, firstly the relative freedom of Istanbul attracts them form the other cities and also the middle east. Anal sex is not necessarily considered homosexual, oddly, unless its your anus of course, so yes this is part of it, its still a very homophobic society though, for the men its not about being pure though, am sure they would be just as content with, well a vagina lets say! Now for girls here its very much a different matter. Sexuality is a subject matter here that is very ambiguous to say the least.


      2. Maybe there arent that many vaginas to play with because of the purity issue? But that aside it sounds like it would be a difficult place to express sexuality no matter who you are or what turns you on, unless its in the traditional sense of course

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