If you do not like the look of me, fuck off!

When you do anything online in any form ie social media, have a profile somewhere or put yourself out there like I do. There are always trolls! Absolute pricks who have nothing better to do than pic on you at a basic level. Which gives them a kick. I experience this in my work. And I know other girls do. It is accepted as part of my job. But every now and then it fucking annoys me!

So I never proclaimed to be a model! I am 5.11 I and did have a model figure when I was younger. But I am accepting of the fact I am older (41) and more curvy now. On the plus size I have huge tits! lol

So If I am camming, putting myself out there to be judged, I have two set agendas I like to meet. Those are, I work as BBW (just because im not a 8 although Im not huge either) or mistress/dom, poss milf. I am pretty clear I am not a 21 yr old size 8 college girl looking for an older guy! There are pics of me to see before people engage on any level with me. So why the fuck do people take offence when I am not a 21 yr old nymph college chick. And why do they think it acceptable to point that out in my room (blocked you fuckwit)


Luckily I am pretty thick-skinned. But should I need to be when I am doing a job? particularly one for the benefit of others? You came here top see me. There are plenty of other girls that suit your preference.  Show a little respect you prick! it’s not like you’re a Brad Pitt lookalike!

Or maybe you’re a freak! and not in the good way. Who gets your kicked being mean to people because you have no real friends! or anyone who gives a fuck about you!

Rant over!

And breath….ahhhhhh



4 thoughts on “If you do not like the look of me, fuck off!

  1. Sorry to hear anyone would bother to speak up, just to be an asshole. Some people feel it’s very important that they do so.

    Sad fact is, many men out there believe all women owe them something: good looks, a smile, friendliness, being interested, etc. They get resentful (actively resentful!) when women don’t live up to their expectations, even when they themselves do not bother to reciprocate in kind, as you pointed out. Double standards and hypocrisy.

    Needless to say, jackoffs like that don’t deserve your curiosity. You’ve plenty of friends and fans who adore you for who you are.

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