Loving wet used panties?

What is it with used wet panties that guys love?  In particularly ones they should not have!

I often get asked what does my pussy smell like? How wet are you right now? Tell me what your panties are like? (In truth I rarely wear them! but if I am on a phone call, I always say I am, I know that is not good, but at that point I know there is a reason for asking and they want to hear me talk about it) I also often get asked if I would consider selling them?  Which ordinarily I say no to. But you know what, I just might start doing that.



There are a few scenario/fantasies that stand out in terms of who wants wet dirty used panties as a private keepsake.

  1. Thought I would start with this as this one freaks me out (not because of the panties, but where they are) I get people ringing me who are in other people s spaces. Maybe a workman in a home etc. The owner might be in or out, if they are in it adds to the excitement of looking through a laundry basket to smell and lick panties. They then normally go to their van etc to wank and call me to tell me how naughty they have been. There is often a passing comment of I might go back and take them. obviously I explain that is theft, but I am not sure they listen!
  2. The guy who cheats on his wife and collects panties from his conquests. I get a few of them but one stands out. I have a guy that rings on a regular basis. He even followed me when I changed lines. This guy is always asking to meet me or have a pair of my used wet panties to wank with when he calls me. I do cam with him.sometimes…….Often she is in the house when he does this. Again its all about the trill, the excitement and the fear of getting caught. It is very much a turn on! He wants my used panties close by when he fucks his wife, as our little secret.
  3.  And lastly the cross dresser potentially trans, he’s not normally sure as it’s a figuring things out stage. But normally hes all about the femininity of lingerie, the feel, the glide of silk over his skin. How sexy stocking can make him feel. Often hes looking for a dominant woman and the be treated like a little slut. He doesn’t really want my panties to lick and smell like the others, he wants them to wear, to actually leave a smell on him, so he can smell more feminine.

So those are the main types of guys that ring asking for my used panties…….And after writing this I think I am going to give them what they want!  Filthy fuckers!


8 thoughts on “Loving wet used panties?

  1. I think a lot of the fetishization of women’s bodies comes from deep ignorance of them. Questions like “how wet are you getting” and hoping for answers like “oh, I’m gushing, I just blasted the laptop off my desk in a jet of steaming passion that you created” are as naive as they are repetitive, but no less earnest, either. Porn videos and sex chats are much more educational (for better or for worse) than anything gotten in school, sadly.

    There’s a strong erotic charge in going somewhere one shouldn’t, anything from seducing a shy and reluctant woman to physical aggression (obviously not acceptable in the real world but up for grabs in fantasy). Panties belong to someone else, hidden up a skirt, and when they’re dirty they’re especially off-limits. Sneaking around, exploring, breaking into someone’s private realm are incredibly titillating because of the social mores against them, but also because of a deep curiosity to learn and take this learning into oneself, the satisfaction of the last mystery.

    But also the scent strikes a primal chord, as mentioned above.


    1. you’re right about porn it has a lot to answer for! So many people I speak to clearly watch too much. And yes the fear of getting caught whilst being in someones space is a massive turn on for them. I think Jillian above is spot on to. When I question guys about it, they are always very descriptive about the actual smell and taste ie how musky, texture, if the panties are pissy etc

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  2. Interesting , I’m ordered to lick my Mistress through her panties when starting a service session, but never the desire for much else, course I do as ordered. I ve always loved the taste, smell while doing oral on women. Only now I do a ton of licking, love when my Mistress commands me then cums, squirts sometimes in my mouth then says clean me up but not the dirty panty stuff . Oh well. Panties making the guy wear them are the best way to start feminizing, making a submissive tho , that really started breaking me right off the bat !

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