Who the fuck are you to judge me!

This is a full on rant! not at anyone from my work. But at the but a the sanctimonious bitch that decided to give me her full an expressive views about what I do for a job! FUCK YOU!!!

So this chick isn’t someone I really know she’s a friend of a friend. She is married has three children, and a husband in a good job. Lives in a nice area, kids go to a good school blah blah fucking blah! The kind who thinks shes above the rest and the worlds best mother because her kids go to a million extra activity classes. She has the kind a down trodden husband who rings me (not sure if he does or not lol, just a generalisation) She has zero! that id be interested in as a person. But you know when you get thrown into a situation that you when you do you just want scream at the person?

Well that happened to me yesterday. This chick introduced herself she asked who I was. I explained that we had a mutual friend…..Her response was “oh you’re the girl who does that unusual job aren’t you?” To which I said “What do you mean?” …..”You know, you talk to all those men for money.”  In her best looking down her fucking nose condescending bitch way! The conversation got a little heated. It ended in me saying “screw you, you fucking dick” in the most sarcastic tone I have!

So let me get this straight. You sit at home while your kids are at school, you’ve never worked. You live off your husband, he pays for everything in your life including your fake nails, hair and tan. All for vanilla sex judging buy your attitude to me. And you’re judging me, saying I sell sex for money? You’re out of his league looks wise, so he will try to keep you and you know that. Hmm think you should take a look at yourself! Before judging me.

Firstly If I did self sex for money so fucking what (good luck to those who do if their choice to do so)….At least Id be honest about if (unlike you!)

Secondly I sell sexual fantasy, that is kind of different. So get your fucking facts right!!!

Thirdly I earn more money than you ever could on your own. And I am happy single not stuck in a loveless boring as fuck marriage where all I do is compete with other mums about bullshit stuff you guys have or do with your equally boring lives! Couldn’t think of anything worse than being in your world……I tried yrs ago, man it was boring as shit!…..And not then kind of shit where I am making some slave eat it! lol (inside joke)

If you’re reading this, I know I have had a rant before. But i woke up angry. I find this cathartic. So sorry x


6 thoughts on “Who the fuck are you to judge me!

  1. It was a fine rant, I enjoyed it. And, your job sounds awesome, I’d do it!

    Great blog – hopefully you get pissed off a lot – I like it when you rant.

    And, what nerve that lady had to mention your job – she’s got it on her mind because her sex life sucks probably.



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