Robot sex dolls! Will I be replaced?

Whatever I do for work is based online or in an unreal world of fantasy and illusion. But still I am real even if I do tell clients what they want to see and hear. That is all part of why it is so attractive to my clients, they get what they want with no questions or judgement. There doesn’t have to be any emotional attachment. Plus the need to have a release will be realized in a way that they are in control of…..To different extents obviously

One of the reasons men come back to me, which enables me to have a regular client base is my superpower. I have a gift for remembering most peoples voices after the second time of hearing it and retain a lot of information about them. That in itself is great for clients as they do not have to kept going over old ground. Plus it creates a connection between us.

But surely a robot would be able to master my superpower in a nano second?


I was reading an article about robots and the future for them in human relationships. Particularly sex robots. It got me thinking about how I could be part of the evolution of that, given I am not “real” in the sense of physically. In all the other senses I am enabling exactly what the client wants. So am I that different?

There are a lot of people against the  sexualisation of robots. They think it will have a detrimental impact on humanity. They fear people may not enter into relationships in the historical sense ie with another human. And therefore not pro create. Some people think we need to merge with robots. Is it a slippery slope from me playing with a vibrator for pleasure to then  having sexual relations online. To the end of humanity?  Will I soon be replaced by sexbots?

I know the above is a bit heavy for me lol……Just something that crossed my mind this weekend. Plus had a chat this morning to a client who is a bit of a geek. He said hed love and Austin Powers sex doll lol


3 thoughts on “Robot sex dolls! Will I be replaced?

  1. It’s something interesting to think about. Robots/androids could replace human workers in many ways, except I think the hardest traits for them to emulate would be creativity and empathy. Sex robots could be built to provide an intense physically sexual experience, obviously, and some people’s requirements are even lower than that, regarding the Realdoll market.

    On the one hand, humans have something to offer that machines and pre-AI cognitive tech can’t imitate. On the other, the client suspends their disbelief and pours themselves into the situation, covering the large gaps of anything that’s missing…


    1. Youre right people do suspend beliefs, they do it with me and I am human! I think people will use there creativity to bypass and justify what would be considered normal interaction…..Robost with be used a lot in the care/health sector where they will prob have learning systems around care, feelings, emotion.not so much of a short jump to sex/relationship bots……bloody scary future I know that much

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      1. There will be a learning period. Some jobs are already being replaced, but when something goes wrong, the robots are unable to correct it. I think this will happen in any job sector: maybe what happens in the sex industry will be the stuff of sci-fi movies and nightmares. But I really believe it’ll be a long time before a robot or a program can faithfully replace human contact. (Of course, some people don’t want human contact.)

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