Forbidden fruit! Dads wife

Forbidden fruit! Do not touch!…..As soon as someone says do not touch, the first thing I do is touch. I know I have a streak in me that says screw you I shall do what I like. But today’s star caller was pushing his look with getting to close to forbidden fruit. Said forbidden fruit was his fathers wife. She is a hot blonde 48 yr old, who according to the caller very sexy. His father a very successful 78 yr old and wealthy business man was away on business. The caller had thought for a while that the wife had slept around, but wasn’t sure.

He was left him alone at home with his fathers wife while his father was away. The caller found it all very frustrating as she kept leaving the  bedroom door open which was adjacent to his.Which in general wasn’t a bad thing but at night she would undress naked, so he could see her fully. Completely naked. This turned him on massively. He really wanted to fuck her.

When he called me he was in her bedroom, looking around. Which I was would say is an invasion of her privacy, but curiosity got the better of him. There was a bedside cabinet that was beside the bed. He opened the bottom draw. When it wouldn’t close again he panicked and pulled it out all together. When he pulled it out along came with it a stash of sex toys and a mobile phone…….

He tried the phone but it was locked. Now he thought to himself she was definitely fucking around. That just turned him on more! Because now he knew she was “up for it.” He told me that he was going to confront her, but also to say he didn’t have a prob with it given that his father was much older and they had separate bedrooms. This was not because he felt sorry for her. It was more in the hope that she would be more open to having a little fun with him. I am aware that some people might think that he is massively crossing the line here. But so is she if her fucking around isn’t without her husbands consent, which appeared to be the case (not that I am judging, not my place each to their own I say)……..But today’s question is, is forbidden fruit worth it? If its to close to you, where there is a strong possibility it will not be a one off, and there is a chance of getting caught? Which in turn could ruin your life.

4 thoughts on “Forbidden fruit! Dads wife

  1. When someone goes pursuing forbidden fruit, they have to be very honest with themselves about what it could cost them, in the worst-case scenario. If they’re aware of that and willing to take that risk… best of luck to them.


    1. Id agree that if they think its worth the risk, go for it……but sometimes I dont think consequences are thought through, as the train of thought is normally I want what I want, and I am going to have it!……which is how I life my life so who am I to judge hehe

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