Singles awareness day tomorrow! screw valentines!

I hope all you guys in relationships are looking forward to a forced night of romance based on social pressures?

But for us singletons tomorrow is our day, singles awareness day! Now I appreciate that some singletons would rather be in a relationship. But for those of us who are pretty happy doing their own thing, I salute you. I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to consider someone else in my every day life, other than my child that is. I am Independent, I own my house, car and bring my child up well. I live in a affluent area. I work in a job where I am basically a professional flirt which I enjoy, not sure a partner would be happy with that,  well not for long anyways. I have great friends and family. I am happy with my self as a person, inside and out. So why would I spoil all that with having to account for someone else in my life!


My top ten reasons being single is great!

  1. I can go out when I want and not have to compromise on what I would like to do.
  2. I can have the bed all to myself, unless I chose to fill it with some hot guy ,who if he doesn’t float my boat,  can get rid of.
  3. I have learned my purpose in life dosent depend on others or a relatinship, but what I can do for myself.
  4. I can eat what I want
  5. My house, my rules, so the remote is mine!
  6. I can do my job without having to justify it to anyone.
  7. Iv learned more about myself and what interests me being alone.
  8. Iv also learn what doesn’t!
  9. Iv learned that being happy doesn’t have to involve being in a relationship.
  10. Iv learned I am way more kinky than I thought!

Leave me your reasons for being single and happy! Id love to hear I am not the only one

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