Could you be in a relationship with an escort? or would jealousy get the better of you?

Hi all, well I had an interesting call this morning. In fact a very long call of 45 mins. I spoke to a chap who was currently single but thought of himself as a deeply spiritual and open minded person. He wanted to know my views on faith and science etc….Which as I have a slight fascination physics I enjoyed. Obviously those who read my previous posts know this is kind of a unusual subject for for to be chatting about.

He was saying he thought people were not owned by others and that people are not meant to be together for ever. This guy had bee in open relationships. His last girlfriend had been an escort. Which I found really interesting. I speak to men on a day to day basis that would love to see their partner with another man. The difference is normally they have control in some way over the situation, even sissy cum sluts have a little control and are involved in what is happening.

But this guy was completely fine about her having a career where she had sex with other men, where he had no involvement or control over it. He understood that she enjoyed it at a basic human function level. His thoughts were that jealousy was a wasted energy. He believed that as long as she was beholden to him emotionally and spiritually he was happy. He viewed it as a transaction that  occurred for her to earn money. I thought that was a great way to view things. We spoke about how online dating has changed peoples perceptions and choices with the “try before you buy” attitude to sex. Also the”I am bored of sex at home”  so I will go online for a fuck (in secret).

So yeah I think people have to understand that sex is a basic need to be fulfill and that it can be monotonous so people can look elsewhere. So there is a chance people wont be faithful. You can hold on to them and expect you will be the only person that they will ever be aroused by.

But it made me think how many other men/women out there would be OK with their partner being an escort?

9 thoughts on “Could you be in a relationship with an escort? or would jealousy get the better of you?

  1. If porn stars can have boy/girlfriends and spouses, I don’t see why escorts or sex workers couldn’t. It’s just a matter of finding someone very generous and self-confident enough to give their partner that kind of space, to truly accept who they are and what they do, without feeling threatened or diminished.

    Or maybe they’re into that. Who knows, it’s a big world.

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  2. I’ve been seeing escorts pretty regularly. I fell hard for one particular sex worker which caused me a lot of grief. I couldn’t be in a relationship with one, without going a little nuts. Now I see different escorts so as not to get attached/become infatuated. Funny thing is, before I saw escorts my wife and I joined in on some swinger parties and events without much of a problem with jealousy.


    1. Sounds like a sensible way to do things, spreading it out. Sounds like you and your wife had a lot of fun in the past…if I’m honest I think jealousy would get the better of me if I was with an escort


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