My feet are horrible but you still want to lick them

Considering I am so tall I have very small feet, a size 6 when you’re 5.11 is a balancing act hehe.  I am not a fan of my feet, I make an effort to look after them but still I do not think anyone’s feet are that nice to look at really.

In my world, I like having my toes sucked it feels lush! I also like making a guy worship my feet as my bitch. But I wouldn’t go as far to say that feet and in particularly other peoples feet turn me on. So when someone contacts me that has a foot fetish, I know what I get out of it, and I understand why it turns them on. But if the boot was on the other foot so to speak I wouldn’t be worshiping anyone’s feet, they are horrible!

When I have my feet up against a screen and someone is licking the sole of my foot via the screen wanking their cock furiously. Or watching me take stockings off slowly over my feet whilst still wanking furiously! telling me they want to suck my toes one by one, taste sweat off my soles etc. I always have a sense of REALLY! they are horrible! but whatever floats your boat!

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