Does having a fetish make you a weirdo?

I am pretty open about what I do, friends know and some family. I am pretty open as a person anyways. But mainly I am a crap liar. So I would rather be honest. If I meet someone in a bar and they asked me what I do, I am not frightened of telling them. After the first shock of  it, they normally have the go to response  of you “you do not look the type”.  What the fuck is “the type”. Now I often get told I look a bit unapproachable and posh, which cracks me up. Iv been told I am a bit intimidating but I put that down to me being very tall and confident.

So the conversation normally  goes the same way. With a few old favorites being asked for instance: 1) Does it turn you on? 2) Bet its all sad ugly dirty all men just wanking off? and the one that annoys me the most 3) Bet its full of weirdos with weird fetishes?

Well actually I get a lot of people who are extremely intelligent, normally in very good jobs. Often i spend a long time chatting and getting to know them before going on a camera. They feel like we have built a relationship of sorts. I rarely get heavy breather wank off two mins calls. Its normally 30-50 yr old guys who want to find out about me so in turn can trust me with their fetish.  So in answer to the questions are. 1) I love being dominant, so I enjoy it. If the guy is fit it helps! so yeah I get a kick out of it  2)  Its normally a professional 30-50 yr old, so no, dont be a nob in suggesting so and 3) well I am guessing your sex life is crap then? because as far as I am aware people who engage in their fetishes and do not shy away from it are definitely not weird. They are creative, intelligent, magnetic and attractive. So if you are chatting to me in the hope of getting me into bed………Think again you boring fucker!

One thought on “Does having a fetish make you a weirdo?

  1. That’s exactly why it’s so important to talk about these things. People think there’s a “type” that you could identify at a glance. The fact is, all sorts of people have all sorts of hidden aspects to them, all sorts of rich and diverse interior lives. There’s this false prudishness in our society that forces everyone to pretend they’re not into what they’re into, and that anyone who has interests must be broken somehow.


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