Watch me wipe my arse!

I conducted a whole session on camera from my toilet today. Over the last 12 months or so iv had a huge increase in the amount of callers who are interested in different things around scat…..Today’s star player wanted to watch me have a shit. Then he wanted me to stand up with my back to him so he could watch me wipe my arse. I could only use white toilet roll and I had to display it used to him. He also wanted me to pull my cheeks apart so that he could see my hole. He was also sat on the toilet to. He was very interested in what I do when I am using to toilet by myself. Do i read or use my phone for the internet etc. After I had done what he asked of me. We sat on each of our toilets chatting about his daily life, work, his partner and where he lives etc. He did not wank. Or appear to get aroused by what he had asked me to do (although I know that is probably not the case).

Its funny what makes people tick sometimes. I love the psychology behind the calls I get, I like getting into peoples heads and figuring out why they have these fetishes.  His came about when he was younger. He was on a flight, he saw a flight attendant go to the toilet. He watched her stand up and clean her self. When he then used the toilet after her, he had a wank. The combination of watching her when she did not know and the fact he thought she was extremely attractive turned him on. So he attributes this occurrence as being the start of his fetish. So yeah i think its interesting what makes people tick.

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One thought on “Watch me wipe my arse!

  1. It’s interesting to learn people’s initial triggers. Like I said, I write about giantess/shrink fetish, and I’ve asked my friends and readers how they got into this fetish. Usually the answers are the same: an influential movie (Attack of the 50′ Woman or Village of the Giants), or various cartoons that get desperate for weird plots and shrink someone down or enlarge them for an episode. For some reason, this sparks something in certain people and they pursue it on their own before finding the online communities dedicated to this.


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