Ouch! stiletto up the arse

So a guy goes to see a “lady” at a massage parlor every Sunday for a happy ending. Last Sunday she changed the rules of his visit. She decided she was going to make him beg to lick her arse (that is what he went for normally). But instead she stripped him, made him lick her shoes, bark and generally humiliated him. With his permission.  Nice job I thought. Every time he got close to licking her arse she demand more, until finally she said let me put my heel up your arse and I will let you lick mine till you cum.  He agreed, and that is what happened. Now that is all well and good. But what actually shocked me was his reason for only licking her arse. And I quote “I do not want to catch anything from her” WT actual F!!

He then told me his hole had been sore all wk and he couldn’t sit down (that did make me laugh if I am honest)  I then had to switch from my role as sexy chat operator and give this guy a sex education lesson re STDs ect as he clearly did not have a clue! Man WTF like I wanted to be doing that! plus I had to advise him if he had concerns around the pain he was still in then he should get medical help.

So today’s thought of the day is WFT! I can’t belief there are people engaging risky sexual activities and not educating themselves in risks and potentially putting others at risk.

Thanks for reading, have a good wkend xx

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