Trying to kiss me down the phone…..freaks me out for some reason!

Ok so I do not always get men with fetishes on the phone or cam. Sometimes I get men who I speak to on a regular basis who want what I would call a “girlfriend experience”. I am here to do a job so I indulge in what they want to talk about.

Normally they take control and I just listen. While they go through how they would seduce me. Sometimes I make some attempt to show I am listening and interested by approving their technique ie telling them its such a turn on etc. But the thing that freaks me out and I really struggle with (it’s on odd thing to say I know given the more colorful things I have and indulge in) is when the pretend to kiss me down them phone! ewww it just freaks me out. slurping and making noises. They are buying into the whole fantasy of seducing me I know. So I let them but it just freaks me out.

Iv thought about why this is and the only thing I can think of is because of how personal a kiss can be. Iv always had the view personally, that if the kiss is wrong and I am not feeling it the I am not going to want to get involved in sex with a man. Kissing is very important! get that wrong and its all gone wrong! I also think that although I do enjoy what I do. It is a job. And would be something id only do in the real world, with someone i was attracted to. Kissing is not something I can show on a camera, so maybe I view it as an invasion of my personal attitude to sex? all I defiantly know is it freaks me out!

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One thought on “Trying to kiss me down the phone…..freaks me out for some reason!

  1. This is fascinating. It’s interesting to learn the strange, new things some people are into, and it’s just as interesting to learn the things that creep someone out! I totally get your reasoning, though: a kiss is a gateway, an agreement. Having someone force one on you… well, you can push them away, in person, or turn your head. Knee them in the balls. But on a phone? You can’t see it coming, and then there it is in your ear!


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