How important is love in having good sex?

Fucking and making love are two different things is something I hear a lot. Particularly with men who have kinks or sexual preferences they haven’t told partners. Sex is a complicated thing. I am sure you will agree. But how important is being “in” love, in either?

In my humble opinion, i do not think it matters at all. I am well aware that people “in” love and in a happy relationship wont be happy with my view, but i do not think its the only way to have good sex

What i thinks matters is chemistry, trust, libido and being on the right page in terms of what gets you off! The hook up culture and apps have made a try before you buy scenario. With people having sex as a way to find out if they think dating is even worth the effort. I also think there is also a difference in loving someone and being “in” love with someone.You can love someone but have a sex life that doesn’t fulfill you. The opposite is also possible to. Where the sex is amazing but you just cant stand them! Getting the balance is hard, finding someone who meets all your expectations and needs is so difficult.

Peoples options around sex have changed so much in the last ten yrs or so. I never thought Id be as busy telling men what they want to hear over the phone. Then moving on to camera with them to satisfy there needs and kinks. Within my world of work men do not seem to need love to get off, its a basic need that needs to be scratched  so to speak.

Now i cant speak for many women other than myself and friends, but i can say from experience, that although being love is a nice feeling, it a great situation to have if you’re looking for it…….It doesn’t come with a guarantee of a lifetime of good sex!


2 thoughts on “How important is love in having good sex?

  1. Yes. When someone insists on one way as “the only way” to do something well, generally you can tune out and dismiss the rest of their sentence. There are all sorts of relationships, there are all sorts of ways of making love or getting one’s rocks off.

    Still, all sorts of questions arise in these arrangements. Do some people maintain a sex life entirely separate from a sexless relationship? Do some people seek out sex just because they’ve confused it with intimacy or validation? What does it mean when someone becomes addicted to… eh, asking these questions is trickier than answering them, sometimes.


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