Glory hole afternoon delight…..shhhhhh its a secret!

Following on from my previous blog……….So i spoke to a guy today, 3 times in fact. Hes a regular every wk. He is in a relationship with a lady he says he loves her. But she doesn’t know he goes to gay clubs in the afternoon to sucks cocks though a glory hole! hes to embarrassed to tell her.

When she comes home from work he fucks her whilst thinking about her catching him sucking cock. His fantasy involves him being dressed in stockings with silky panties on, on his knees, sucking a throbbing hard cock. Then he would like her to catch him and watch. The guy has to be a take control type of guy. Enough of one to bring her in on the fun. The caller would like his girlfriend to teach him how to suck cock, hed like both he and his girlfriend to suck and lick the cock at the same time. When the guy is ready to fuck, the caller would like to watch him fuck his girlfriend. He would love to watch her cum. He would also like to “clean up” afterwards ie lick his girlfriend clean of all the other mans cum. Now this might not be everyone’s thing, but man if you’ve got a strong enough fantasy that its making you lie on a daily basis. Man up and do something about it! life is to bloody short!

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