Valentines day! arggghhhh

So its February and like most singletons Im aware that bloody valentines days is fast approaching! If i could count how many times iv been asked “how come you’re single?” or “are you going to start dating again? ” and get a pound each time id be rich! ARRGGGHHH. It annoys the life out of me!  Why am i made to feel that because Im single theres something wrong?

Iv said before Iv been single a long time, and Im considering dating again, but im actually not unhappy single either. Im a professional flirt and i get paid to have fun with guys as well. So Im not even sure if i need a guy seeing as i actually dont feel like theres anything being in a permanent relationship would really change in my life….I can thing of a few problems it might cause lol

So is societies expectation that being in a relationship is the right way to do things and the “forced romance” that valentines day brings. Just another pressure i can do without……YES!

Id rather tell some sissy bitch on camera to do my bidding and have a little fun than conform to the norm!

One thought on “Valentines day! arggghhhh

  1. It’s the language. When we create words to describe a condition, we act as though another condition is the norm. My wife and I don’t have children, and we don’t want them. But the norm is for married couples to have kids, and couples like us have to use awkward terms like “childless” or “child-free” or something else that implies we’re not doing what’s expected of us.

    It’s very difficult for many people to accept being single as a valid, intentional life choice. When people ask you when you’re going to start dating, they’re revealing more about themselves, their expectations and their worldview, rather than any real curiosity about another person.

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