Hair cut fetish… one for me!

I hear a lot of unusual things on a day to day basis. Men tend to open up quiet well to me, so today a gent who had just started ringing the lines disclosed he had been ringing for a few weeks, but hadnt found someone who he could share his fetish with……

Obviously being as inquisitive as I am, my next question was to ask what his fetish was?

Turns out its having his hair cut! In my head a first i though, what! thats a bit different. But I had heard of someone wanting a hairdryer blown on his cock and nipples while he had a wank. So i though ok lets ask whats behind his fetish. He explained that it was a dom/sub thing. He liked it when he went to get his hair cut, normally an attractive lady would cut it. He liked when she put the gown over him and tied it round his neck. Then put the plastic weight over him.  She then normally pushed his head forward and down (which he considers his compliance and submissive) and runs her fingers through his hair.He found it a turn on that she started from the back where he had no control over what she was doing. He also thought that if he decided to get up and leave he would look stupid with half a cut. So he had to stay until she had finished doing what she was doing. So in a way he was at her mercy. When he had explained it to me in this way I understood why he found it an attractive experience. When i put the phone down it made me think that there a probably mundane things in the world that we do on a day to day basis that contain an element of power. The question is who holds it? and does it turn on either the dominant or submissive person in that exchange?


One thought on “Hair cut fetish… one for me!

  1. That’s a really good observation. Any innocuous action can be laden with meaning and control. The way he explained it (and you explained it), now I understand it. I’m sure many hair stylists have encountered this, and maybe a few of them have decided to use it to their advantage, maybe even lure some new recruits. Ensure some repeat business.


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