Can chastity save a relationship?

Speaking to a client today, he disclosed that he only rang for a chat about his situation. To which I said ok whats your situation then? Turns out hed been with a partner for ten yrs, five of that he had been having flings with women from work or that he had meet online. This guy had a very successful career, which meant he was away a lot. So he had the means and opportunity to play around. By nature he was what id call a dominant person who had power. Last yr his partner found out what had been going on through a friend who had found out online (bloody dating sites!) So for 6 months or so they tried to rebuild there relationship.

It didnt work. She was so angry with him and felt that she had let him walk all over her. So she decided to turn the tables. She was going to be in control and she was going to have the power. She wanted him to understand why she felt the way she did. So she wanted him to wear a cock cage . At first he wasnt happy, but he loved her. So he agreed. The agreement was he was to wear it and she was the only one with a key. Alongside her being in control of his cock, they made an agreement that if she wanted to have sex with someone else she could, as long as she brought the person home and her partner was present.

In the following months this took place, she only released him when she wanted to and when she did he was insatiable! she was his sole attention. There sex life was the best it had been in yrs! she felt wanted, adored, powerful and  once again in love. She didnt bring anyone home, but the option is there.  He felt that his focused had changed, he no longer sought satisfaction anywhere else. He felt a sense of relief in giving over control. And the only reason he had rang me was to discuss it with someone who would get it. So the question is can chastity  save a relationship? id say so yes!

One thought on “Can chastity save a relationship?

  1. See, you read a story like this, and you can’t help but feel that anything is possible in this world. It’s unlikely, you might not be able to rely on it… but it’s not impossible. You just have to give it time, take a chance, communicate…


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