Should you be honest with your partner about your kinks?

i dont normally work on the weekends. But this morning i was thinking about how people rarely expose themselves fully to their partners. Which saddens me. Looking back at the majority of men iv spoken to in the last year or so, there are very few that are open with there partners about what turns them on ie kinks/fetishes. What saddens me more is that the fear of being ridiculed or being labelled disgusting, or something  along those lines could potentially ruin their relationship and everything else in their lives.

So with that in mind it lead me to think about my own situation. Iv been single a long time. Im thinking about dating again. Whats going through my mind is should i be honest about what i do from the start? Or keep it quiet for a while in the hope that they might not be freaked out when i do decided to tell them. If im honest from the start another concern is will they be with me for me, or for what i do. Now i know some people my be thinking give up what i do. But if the option is going back to a professional job, stressed, never seeing my child and putting other things infront of him. Sorry thats a none starter. I work part time and get to be a full time mum. Plus i earn good  money. And i enjoy it. I get the best of bother worlds.

So anyways thats been my quandary this morning, just thought id share it. Im loving writing all this stuff down, its quite cathartic!


3 thoughts on “Should you be honest with your partner about your kinks?

  1. Yeah, at some point, you’ve got to be honest with your partner about these things. There are all sorts of people out there, someone’s got to be tolerant and understanding… and, you never know, you could find someone who shares your interests or is willing to explore it. Kinda sounds like winning the lottery, but it’s not impossible.

    My wife’s very understanding. She doesn’t “get” my fetish, but she gives me space to explore it and sometimes she even plays along. I realize I’m very lucky in this respect, when I see how many people are too anxious about hinting at who they really are with their significant other.


  2. I say, continue to happy and love you and what you choose to do from that space. The person who feels the same about his/herself will meet up with you and you two will enjoy each other immensely with no prejudice! And if any of the latter should start to show from either one of you, then it is time to leave the relationship if neither one of you are experiencing continued happiness within yourself while together.

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