mind conrtol

hey you guys

well today i had a very interesting conversation around mind control and guided masturbation. I spoke to a man who liked the idea of me doing hypnosis with him and guiding his masturbation, controlling when he can come. I spoke to him about things that turn him on, what his triggers are ect…..then we got to work, he loved it! Iv been doing hypnotherapy for yrs, iv only recently told clients i can do it, i never thought it would be the success it has been, especially over the phone or on cam, but it has! so now im thinking maybe i should do some specific recordings to send to people!

2 thoughts on “mind conrtol

  1. Yeah, definitely. There are all sorts of instructions online for crafting your own sound-deadening box for a microphone, and plenty of audio programs (Audacity, GarageBand) for cleaning up audio tracks. Sell the MP3s, advertise them on YouTube… if I had a nice voice, this would be a fun area to break into.


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