hypnotherapy/human toilet

Today i spoke to one of my regular guys. I make him ring at set times as hes into financial dominance. But his big fetish is being used as a human toilet mainly scat (shit). Obviously i cant actually do that she i have to get creative. I can do hypnotherapy so i do guided visualization with him around learning how to eat different textures, different smells ect. building up a tolerance and being able to take a full movement at once. Then i talk to him about me sitting on his face and using him as a human toilet, me forcing my fingers down his throat to make sure he takes it.

Later on today i spoke to a chap who felt his sex life with his wife had changed for the worse. He wanted to talk about seeing her with other men. Half way through he got upset and started crying, he said he felt like he was cheating, I spent some time basically being a therapist (obviously im not one) chatting about how he could improve things with her. I felt  sorry for him……..The point of telling theses two stories is that you just never know how the days calls will go and not everyone who calls is after a naughty chat, a lot of the time its to have someone listen!

One thought on “hypnotherapy/human toilet

  1. Have you experimented with ASMR? That seems to be a thing that comes up often, too. First it was all about triggering sounds from inanimate objects and movement, but now it seems to have led to sensual narration.

    Do you see any patterns in some of your customers? Like, is there a type of person who’s into scat? Do they have anything in common? Or are they all over the map?


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