sex line stories calls 1/2/17

ok so its fare to say im not the average size, im 5.11 and curvy, im pretty big on top. So with that in mind i tend to get a lot of guys that like me being dominant, in the giantess thing ect. I also get a lot that love big breasts, so today i spoke to a chap that wanted to talk about adult nursing relationships (ANR) he wanted me to listen to how hed seduce me, then for me to talk about how id feed him my lactating breasts. Now the first thing you should now about me is i never judge anyone or not take them serious. My job is to go along with there fetish/fantasy. My view is as long as its legal and everyone is happy its fine. so thats exactly what i did. The second call i had of interest today was a gent that was wearing his wife’s lingerie. Bra panties and stockings.  Hed been married for 25 yrs and never been able to tell his wife he did this when ever he got the chance and she wasnt around. He also had a urge that was pretty strong to be a slut for me, he wanted to dress up and let me watch him be fucked by a man. Hed always found men attractive and never attracted on it due to fear from his wifes and others response.  It sounds weird but i felt sorry for him, i indulged him in that fantasy. Afterwards he thanked me, i felt a sense of warmth as i felt id helped him in some way. Its strange as when i started doing this i thought it would be just men wanking on the phone, but if im honest its not, i have a lot of regulars who i just chat to, particularly men who are hiding things ie desires and fetishes.

3 thoughts on “sex line stories calls 1/2/17

  1. I feel awful for people who can’t share their fantasies with their spouse or significant other. There’s so much shame already tied up in deviating from the (perceived) norm, but then people get into an intimate relationship and they can’t even be totally honest with each other? That seems like an additional layer of torture that isn’t necessary. I’m glad you can help them find some relief, but I also hope they learn to find their own peace and reconcile with their loved ones.

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