This is my first foray into blogging, or anything online really! iv always been draw to the slightly different in life . So the future of my blog will be about my life as a cam girl/chat line chat host, my life and how chat has been the best thing to happy to me in yrs! Β not sure if anyone will read it, but if you do i hope you enjoy it.

I want to show how empowering a role it can be and that im just a normal person trying to get by in life!

16 thoughts on “intoduction

  1. This is fascinating. I’ve seen webcam girls and wondered what their real lives are like, and some of my friends are strippers and escorts. They have some of the most interesting stories to tell, they’ve really learned a lot about humanity in their trade.

    I’m a fetish writer who focuses on giantesses and shrunken people. I look forward to hearing about your experiences around this fetish, who you run into, what you learn about them.


    1. Hey thanks for the message x
      Yeah you’re right you learn a lot from people doing what I do, I actually really enjoy it….I have one guy who likes to watch me crush things on cam, he loves that Im 5.11 and curvy, He loves knowing Id crush him, so I get where your coming from with giantess and small people fetish. I find it so interesting the psychology behind it.
      I hope you enjoy what I have to say x

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      1. There is so much behind it, in both directions! Men who want to be tiny, often they want the experience of having control stripped away from them (as well as having sex forced upon them), but women who want to be giantesses… sometimes this isn’t a sexual experience. They just enjoy feeling powerful, unrestricted by laws or morality or anything. I think these are both very telling.

        I’m going through your entries now, very interested in everything you have to say. I’m very glad you’ve started this blog and are sharing your unique experiences. I hope you find it rewarding too.


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