I don’t believe a word of this

Bloody porn!!!!! Like fuck your mother in law caught her daughter giving you a blow job, she watched for a little while. Only you noticed. She then joined in! Not happening mate. And they definitely did not suck your cock together! La La land!

Wank on a sun lounger

When your wife’s mothers 64 yr old sister is constantly making sexual comments towards you. Its hard not to think about it this caller said. What does she say I asked. She flirts a lot, tells me she’d love a young lover┬álike me. She asks if I have a big cock. Is that a problem? […]

Neck choker

I don’t often speak to callers that live close by me. So when today’s caller realised I wasn’t a million miles away he let himself relax. We had a chat about regular things, laughed about poss passing each other in the street etc During the conversation he asked about what I like to wear. If […]

Luckily I have leather seats.

This cracked me up laughing. Getting older and retiring is a massive change for people and their relationships, particularly if there are extra circular activities going on ie an affair. Today’s gent had been fucking his best friends wife for three yr. He explained to me that she’d told him she had never experienced an […]

What turns you on? The question I hate!

I get asked this question every day! It’s the question I hate the most. You might think that’s because I hear it so often. But that’s not the case. Whenever I hear “what turns you on?” it means I have to be careful what I say. The reason for this is because often these callers […]

Dominate my bitch ex wife

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Today’s gent I feel struggled with his feelings towards his ex-wife. They had a very sexually experimental relationship. But had a very chaotic and acrimonious split. We spoke for about an hour and half about her. Me at my counselling best! He got around eventually […]

If you want a muse. Ask!

I’m a pretty easy going person. I take people at face value and accept what they tell me. I do this in work and life. I never been one to judge or question someone’s motivation unless there’s an obvious reason. Then I’m an utter bitch lol I get that people reading what I write might […]