New followers I have moved

hey to you new followers I’m so glad you’ve chosen to see what goes on with my job. Iv recently switched my blog to a blog I wont be posting on this blog that often. Its more of a look in for the next moth until I stop posting here. If you’d like to […]

Call termination

This hasn’t happened a lot but I did have to terminate a call today. I listen to different voices everyday. I can remember everything about a regular caller within seconds because if their voice. I get used to judging people’s mood and feelings just buy their voice. But sometimes that’s a little more difficult. For […]

Can I be fat and hot?

I was reading the other day. Within that article there were some issues around confidence and weight that different woman faced. This is an issue for everyone I accept. But I think it can hit women harder than men sometimes. Iv always got by on my looks and charm. I may seem harsh here in the […]