The wife rings back

Iv never taken a more uncomfortable call in my life! I could have put the phone down but she needed some answers and I wanted to be supportive, a woman to woman kinda thing I guess. It helped I still got paid lol Now I still don’t know who her husband is. He could be […]

Do you meet people?

I’m not really sure what people think they’re getting when they call sometimes. I’m horny do you fancy meeting for a fuck? I think that was the second thing this caller said to me……my answer was er no for all I know you’ve got a dirty dick! Lol. He didn’t like that. Said I was […]

Iv never put my finger up my arse

I’m not sure if this guy was on some sort of sexual freedom path. He had been single for a few months after a long relationship. He told me he had been in a sexual relationship that was very perfunctory. Like it was just getting a task over when it came to sex. So now […]

I hate the C word

Ok so I know I swear A LOT. but actually in real life I don’t really. Its like when I am at work I put my filthy mouth on lol But I really have to say I hate the word cunt….I struggle just writing it! For some reason men seem to love it. I always […]

Will you mould me a pussy?

I’m not sure how many of you know this but I can do hypnotherapy. Todays session was a cam therapy session I’ve spoken about this guy before. He has a medical fetish. It’s a bit scary, but he’s actually so well-mannered and nice that old adage the quite ones are the worst springs to mind. When […]